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Re: discipline models (Betty)

From: KSchiavo00
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 20:54:41 PDT

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    I can't stand that attitude!!! I'm assuming your teaching High School.
    Unfortunately it sounds like the problem may be deeper than you expect. That
    "attitude" of JUST ART should not be tolerated! I would not only bring in
    the Coach but the Counslors, Principal and parents! High School students
    ELECT to take art. I wonder what the reason behind taking your Art class
    was? To fool around? NIP THAT IN THE BUD!!!! Let them understand to
    graduate they must have so many "credits." To get "credit" for art- they
    must pass the class AND RIGHT NOW THEY'RE NOT DOING WELL.
        Last year, a few of my middle schoolers gave me that attitude (but didn't
    sound as cocky). I made a point to give them some special help and encourage
    them in the process. I incorporated discussions about lucrative art careers
    throughout my lessons and tossed out some saleries (obtained from Chicago
    Tribune want ads). You must validate art as a career -too often people
    assume (because of ignorance) that art is trivial, a hobby, something to do
    in your spare time when your bored -therefor its not important. At the high
    school level, they shouldn't be in your class if they feel that way. We must
    do what we can to change that thinking.
        I am now at the High School teaching Art 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & Seminar. :) Our
    curriculum states, in order to move up from art 1 to art 2 (and so on),
    students must have a B- average. We are "geared" toward careers in art and
    college preparation. Thank God for a supportive principal.
        After you take care of your immediate problem, re-evaluate the structure
    of your curriculum. Maybe its not challenging or serious enough. Then look
    at your classroom management.
    My thoughts are with you...
    Kathy in Kalamazoo


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