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Lesson Plans

Re: Re: Standard practices- and other ramblings new & a little long, I think ...

From: LMiller435
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 12:11:01 PDT

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    In a message dated 08/20/2000 12:39:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
    djash writes:

    << I don't understand it but from first hand experience also ... it happens!
     likely due to their insecurities, but that doesn't make it any easier on the
     receiving end. It can be a nightmare. This is one of the reasons I find this
     group so wonderful. People actually willing to help others succeed. Donna
    >>I, too, find this groups to be so supportive because of the reasons Donna
    stated above. I work in a town where the administration either pits people
    against one another or doesn't support us at all, even in subjects other than
    the arts.

    I have been thinking I would finally get back to painting. I miss it so.
    When I paint with the kids, in class, I get them started and paint right
    along, if there's room (seldom even room enough for them) I feel alive at
    that point.

    When I began teaching in public school, in the states, 32 years ago, I kept
    painting. I had a studio at the Boston Center for the Arts, when it first
    opened, I belonged to the Experimental Etching Studio, and I produced some
    good things. The more I became a teacher, and learned about education, the
    less energy I had for my own work. Teaching overseas, English, had never
    worn me out as the teaching of art, here. Not worn me out, but I had to make
    priorities. I turned to the craft of papercutting, quite by accident, from a
    school project. It happens at many grade levels and in teaching geography and
    culture, I made quite a little business and turned them into ornaments and
    note cards, which seemed to pay for all the extra supplies I bought for my
    art room.

    Now, quite unexpectedly, and I think because of the administration in this
    town, which seems to be very good at putting teachers down and making it
    difficult to teach, instead of supporting us, I have begun to look forward to
    my retirement in four years. I never, ever thought I would even want to
    retire from this important calling. I keep learning too much, each year about
    how I can do things better and more deeply.
    I'm quite horrified at my thoughts. Almost a guilty feeling.

    But ... I have been doing some bookbinding, again from book projects with the
    kids. And ... think that when I retire I might just go a learn about
    traditional book binding. Then again, pipedreams are good ... yes?

    Leslie in Framingham,
    where my school leaks, the windows aren't see through or in one piece any
    more but the Superintendent has the money to furnish a new office with
    everything new, including $500.00 French doors (so my custodian tells me).



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