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Teachers CAN pray--Just not at school

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 09:12:32 PDT

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    Someone posted a long list of things that teachers are supposed to
    ended with a statement that we are to do all of these things, but we are not
    allowed to pray.

    I think as we start off the new year, we could all offer a silent prayer in
    the privacy of our own homes....because we really DO CARE about the children
    we teach. I made a similar post during the summer, but not as many members
    were "listening".

    “In God We Trust”

    “One nation UNDER GOD, with liberty and justice for all”

    It is time our schools “put hope for the future back in the youth of our
    children” (Bush has said this is a job for the churches and synagogues) All
    children go to school, not all children go to church. Not all children are
    getting this “hope” from their home life. Children need to believe “In GOD
    we trust.” It is not the job of the school to teach which religion to
    choose, but to believe as even science believes that there probably is a
    God. It is up to the individual and the family to choose the religion. We
    need to teach respect for all world religions. Religion was very much a part
    of both Republican and Democrat conventions.

    My ancestors came to this country for Freedom of religion—not freedom from
    religion. God has given man the choice of religion. All cultures have their
    own way of worshipping God. The more we understand what those beliefs are,
    the better able we are able to understand the people.

    We need to pray for education today. We need to pray for the future of the
    children. We need to pray that people who are in education only for the
    money -- get out of education. Education is not just a “business.” For me,
    it is not “Just a job.” We need to try to make a difference for children
    who feel that no one really cares about them. We need more people to go into
    education because they feel they can make a difference. We need educators
    who are willing to go the extra mile for a child. We need educators who do
    not only think of themselves, but also think of the best interests of the
    child. We need schools that develop a sense of community and work together.
    “It takes a village to raise a child” (this is from an African Proverb).
    Let us pray for the children who do not hear the words of hope on Sunday

    I know all of you feel you can make a difference! All of you worked off and
    on all summer long to make your curriculum stronger, planning and sharing
    ideas. Our influence will grow. This is the list that has shown me how the
    REAL WORLD should behave. We need to teach children the RIGHT ways to behave
    so they do not do the things that adults do to each other. Trust me, I do
    know how people in the real world behave. I just choose to be different. I
    do pray everyday for guidance. It has worked for me and it will work for

    Judith Decker

    P.S. Here is a list member, Lawrence Parker, who also has some very
    interesting ideas on Religion. I saved several of his e-mail to me. Write to
    him if you need ideas on how to build character and teach values to your
    students. He also has many good ideas on teaching critical thinking,
    non-violence (coming to agreement without violence and hate) and tolerence.
    Lawrence A. Parker [occti]


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