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Lesson Plans

I'm in Mali

From: Melissa Enderle (melissa)
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 02:07:02 PDT

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    Hi all,
    Well, I've been in Bamako Mali for a week now. The plane arrived
    safely, as did all my luggage and containers that I shipped over in
    July. I was pleasantly surprised to find how lush and tropic-like the
    plants, trees and flowers are. It is especially lush right now
    because this is the rainy season. It has been raining (quite heavily
    at that) about every other day or even more, typically at night.
    During the day the temperatures are on the pleasant side of warm.
    I've had a few mosquito bites, but less than what I received in
    Wisconsin. In fact, we were able to enjoy the live band last night in
    an outdoor restaurant area. Flies can sometimes be pesty, and the
    tiny ants abound, and the ant-like insects with wings seem to like
    Jana's (another teacher that I share the duplex with) shower area. We
    just laugh about it, apply some bug spray to the area, and go on with
      I have some photos of my duplex and its garden, and the Niger River
    at sunset that I would be happy to send to those interested. I
    definitely plan on taking more photos, especially of the people. Such
    friendly, warm people! A group of 5 of us are taking Bambara lessons
    so we can speak to the many people who we pass by on the way to
    school. In Bambara, the native language of most of the people in this
    region of Mali, a typical greeting goes much farther beyond just "Hi,
    How are you?". You will inquire about the health of the person's
    family, their wife or husband, child, etc. The fabrics that the
    people wear are dashingly beautiful, adding to the dignity of the
    people. I'll have to tell more about the people in another email.

    Each of the 7 new staff members of the school (including the
    director) are very friendly and seem willing to work together for the
    common good. Several of these members have had significant experience
    working overseas and have wonderful stories to tell. Each comes with
    a different but refreshing outlook on things. As this comprises the
    majority of the teaching staff, I am very positive and optimistic
    about the school's potential. I'll tell more about the school and the
    kids once school is in session (the 23rd is the first day for kids)
    and I take some photos of that.

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