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Lesson Plans

art supply/legal issue?

From: Patricia Knott (pknott)
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 14:15:23 PDT

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    What a strange situation.
    I really don't know the legal ramifications, but I will tell you about a
    case that happened here in PA a couple of years ago.

    An art teacher was cleaning out a closet that was filled with stuff that
    hadn't been used for years. (We all know what old tempora paint smells like,
    right?) Anyhow, she decided to give the stuff she had no use for to
    legitimate charitable organizations. (Otherwise it would have all gone into
    the trash, right?) Anyhow, to make a long long story short, when she was
    packing this stuff into her car she was confronted by police and charged
    with theft.
    It was a long court case, she was suspended from her position. After more
    than a year of court battles she was finally reinstated, but, received so
    much harassment from the district that she decided to resign.

    Everything that is in my room that I have paid for personally is documented
     Everything that I am asked to discard is documented.

    Ain't it a shame that we can't make decisions without the fear of some
    absurd repercussions?


    STRONG RECOMMENDATION - anything that is your space that you have paid for
    personally ---DOCUMENT!!!!!!
    What they paid for is theirs. Let them through it in the trash.

    I just hate being so paranoid.


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