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Lesson Plans

Re: Standard practices....etc;

From: Amenay2
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 09:52:40 PDT

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    #1...Inform the teacher of your ART curriculum and scope and sequence. If
    your district does not have a curriculum in place there are many models
    available out there that you can borrow from other districts, states, etc
    (give him an example of a DBAE). I haven't seen an art curriculum in the
    past 2 decades that incorporate holiday...artsy...cutsy projects into
    them...we teach art not craftsy holiday projects. I did modify some lessons
    on the elementary level to satisfy scope and sequence but added a seasonal
    theme to them. Such as complimentary color tempera painting in the fall
    using pumpkins or totem pole projects near Thanksgiving (Native American
    integrated studies and the totem poles also served as the backdrop for the
    musical performance). Even the tree stencil/pastel rubbings at Christmas
    were an overlap/value/blending lesson. However...they were art projects that
    lent a little to the season.

    #2...Not all projects are meant to be framed, matted or dispayed. Some are
    progressive learning lesson instead of finished works of art. In like
    turn...does this teacher prepare a scrapbook, mounting and notating, each and
    every piece of work the children do in his room?

    #3...As for incomplete works...some children will not complete everything
    they do for a variety of reasons. Absenteeism being one of the foremost
    (When you don't see a class but once a week etc...we often have to move on)
      Also some lose interest and others deliberately destroy and restart works
    until completion in a given time frame is impossible. I found that some
    students regardless of the grade level just will not finish the work...and if
    it goes home...either the dog or baby brother ate it. Worst of all is the
    parent that threw it away. Occassionally accidents do happen and then we
    have to make a decision to grade for progress and/or completion. No matter
    the grade level we do need to teach individual responsibility for completion
    of work and the students must begin to accept the rewards and/or consequences
    of these choices...absenteeism may be subject to school policy...check out

    #4...I do agree with the comment advising you to go to the principal first
    with this issue to express your concerns and position. I have yet to meet an
    elementary principal who was not aware of and supportive of how we handle
    these situations. You might ask the principal to allocate this teacher's
    budget to you so you can do all of this framing and mounting...wonder if that
    will make him think twice.

    Can't remember all of the issues you expressed...hope this helps


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