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Re: Standard Practices....uh huh!

From: Larry Seiler (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 06:09:20 PDT

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    You teachers can face strange people on staff. I has
    his/her idea of what excellence should demand of art teachers....but then
    there are always those that remind you that what you teach after all is
    "ONLY ART!"

    I had a Biology teacher once come to me on behalf of a student that was
    going to be kept off the honor roll because he was getting a "D" in my
    class. He pulled me out of my class to talk to me in the hall. I explained
    this individual did diddley squat in my room, and showed little concern to
    change. I ought to reward such precedence? His come back detailed how well
    this student was doing in all his other classes, and that evidently this was
    this student's past history as well...and that after all, what I taught was
    "only art!" I told him that I don't hand out gifts, that students have to
    earn a grade in my room, and that the grade would stand as is! Seems to me
    that students conscientious of wanting to earn grants for college should
    uniformly be encouraged to adopt a more mature understanding, and not be
    encouraged to look for hand outs.

    Good grief people....we have our work cut out in bringing art to a right and
    proper place! On one hand...we got people demanding more...and on the
    other, insisting on less! Ssheesh....!!

    Larry Seiler


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