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Lesson Plans

re: Learning Names

From: Sue Stevens (stevenss2000)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 19:22:46 PDT

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    Hello all!
    I too am terrible with learning names...(awful infact - I just can't seem to
    remember, if they were all ABBA songs I would be albe to recall
    them in a second - haha!)

    I tried a new thing last year that worked for me....a bit of an expense, but
    worth it by the end of the year. I teach highschool art, so on the first
    day, I had my camera on it's tripod, and several rolls of film. I already
    had two 'x's marked off on the floor. As the students were working on an
    assignment, I had them come up, two at a time, and have thier portrait
    taken. The students were told that if they really didn't want to have their
    picture taken, that would be okay - no one complained. I also told them I
    what I would do with them, and that they would not appear in the yearbook,
    on a display board, or anywhere in public. I also said they could have the
    picture at the end of the term. Once the pictures were developed - I took
    them to a cheap one hour photo after school, I cut them all up so that it
    was just shoulders and head. The next class they claimed thier face, and we
    stuck them on cue cards. THe students then wrote some information for me on
    the cards. FOr the first month I would practice looking at the face, and
    trying to remember the did help, but this year I am going to put
    the information on the back, so that I review them like flash cards.

    Two extra pirks happened with the pictures - if I was going to be away, I
    left the classes set of pictures with the information for the sub....found
    out that the subs loved it - especially for those trouble makers that
    thought they had the sub fooled by changing thier names....also, the first
    PT night was early in the term....I pulled all the cards for the parents
    that had signed up for an appointment, so that before they walked up to the
    desk, I would have a mental note of who their child was....several of the
    parents though the idea was great!

    Again, I stress though that I did talk to the students about what I would
    use the pictures for.....although they thought me a bit wierd, no one
    complained, or had a problem with it.

    Good luck with whatever method works for you....I am still trying to find
    the perfect way to make me learn names, but this is my latest attempt.

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