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daVinci's Water Quote

From: Ann Heineman (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 04:33:35 PDT

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    Hello Folks,

            Came across this quote while sorting through lesson samples in my
    studio. I use this when I coordinate lessons with the third grade
    curriculum on water. It is attributed to daVinci, translated from Italian.

            "Water is the driver of nature...So one might say
            that it changes into as many natures as are the
            different places through which it passes.
            And as the mirror changes with
            the color of its objects so this changes with the
            nature of the place where it passes: health-giving,
            harmful, laxative, astringent, sulphurous, salt,
            sanguine, depressed, raging, angry, red, yellow,
            green, black, blue, oily, thick, thin.
            Now it brings a confligration, then it extinguishes;
            is warm and is cold; now it carries away, then it
            sets down, now it hollows out, then it raises up,
            now it tears down, then it establishes,
            now it fills up and then it empties,
            now it rises and then it deepens, now it speeds
            and then lies it nourishes and
            and then does the contrary, now it is salt and
            then is without savor...With time everything changes

                    Leondardo daVinci

            Ann-on-y-mouse in Columbus


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