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Re: Standard practices-unfinished work, regular projects going home-to mount or no ?

From: Judy Nagel (jdnag)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 07:27:20 PDT

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    Christine, First of all, this teacher you reference does not have the
    authority to dictate to you. If you report directly to the principal, that
    is the only person who can make such a request. Secondly, the kind of
    supplies you will need will require an increase in your budget. I would
    keep your principal updated and consistently reference the potential need.
    Thirdly, don't you have a curriculum guide that stresses elements and
    principles, etc? Fourthly, tell the guy to go take a flying leap in a bean
    blower! Have a good year. Judy
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    Subject: Standard practices-unfinished work, regular projects going home-to
    mount or no ?

    > I am an elementary art teacher k-6, and I also teach grade 9 studio in
    art. .
    > I am writing to find out what the "common parctice" is among my peers. I
    > have been at my job now going into my 7th year. A new teacher who just got
    > tenure got in my face and started demanding certain things:
    > that I create projects around thanksgiving, xmas, easter, moms and dads
    > (I can do these however I wish so they are not "cookie cutter". )
    > What really offended me was that he said he would "not accept" my sending
    > students work home with them if it was not complete. I am split between 2
    > buildings. The ele. kids get 1x a week, 50 minutes. I feel strongly that
    > need to learn time management skills, and have tried unsuccessfully to
    > remediate in the past because teachers don't want to give them time to go
    > finish art projects when they are already behind academically. I am also
    > supposd to be juggling technology alongside studio work, and I only have 1
    > computer, and this greenhorn is telling me I HAVE to give them the chance
    > finish. -that they may have to "only do part of the curriculum if they're
    > slow" - basically to run 2 projects at the same time.
    > MORE IMPORTANTLY he is insisting that I "frame " or "mat" these projects
    > these occasions. I told him he had no idea how expensive and time
    > that would be, that it is not standard practice among my colleagues in our
    > district, and that it has generally been accepted that the work gets
    > for the annual art show or mounted for it. Otherwise things go home "as
    > minus framing. He is insisting that if I don't do this he will" report it"
    > my principal, the same thing with the kids not finishing, that I should
    > to write a note to each one's parents explaining why they didn't finish.
    > My principal is supportive of me and understands my reasons for doing
    > how I do, I always get "exceeds expectation "reviews when observed from
    > and my dept. chair.
    > I am thinking, fine, have the kids mount their work(I'll show them how )
    > try to accomodate with a "quickie" mounting on colored paper. I refuse to
    > spend my $$ on this, this is not college, it's elementary school. I feel
    > he wants to push it, then let him go to the boss; I'm sure she'll put him
    > his place.
    > Moral support and your policies regarding matting or mounting on non art
    > work going home PLEASE !!!
    > ps- when considering this request as a single one, it doesn't seem
    > unreasonable, but when you multiply it by all the other teachers at all
    > other grade levels, instead of developing new lessons and references for
    > and being able to work towards my art show I'm gonna be matting and
    > stuff.....I believe it's ok for finished drawing or painting to go home
    > " w/o frame. This guy is totally hung up on this.
    > He's also bought into the school clique led by the music teacher who has
    > trying to discredit my professionalism and work ethic for the last 7
    > and she is finally retiring at the end of this year. I'm talking all out
    > about what I do with my time, and character assassination here. My boss is
    > also aware of this and keeps telling me, hold on, it's only one more
    > year......
    > I really could use you folk's support and experience with this, because I
    > know the issue will be raised again, and I can be armed for further
    > discussion from this group's responses.
    > Thanks much ,
    > Christine in Binghamton NY
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