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Re: Rules and Regulations

From: Judy Nagel (jdnag)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 07:07:48 PDT

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    Susan, I too think it is good to have positive reinforcement as well as
    consequences. I have a granddaughter who is beginning kindergarten this
    year. My daughter is concerned because the teacher she might get is big on
    negative reinforcement. She doesn't want her to get turned off on school if
    she is singled out. I believe it is a good idea to let parents know that
    you have these various rewards and consequences. Judy
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    > After reading many versions of "Rules and Regulations", I haven't noticed
    > Positive Reinforcements being included in the written text in the
    > I like to state the rules as simply as possible (3-5 seems to work best
    > me). Next come the Consequences. Then, equally important in my classroom,
    > Rewards are posted. I find that by posting the rewards (and a reward can
    > as simple as a nice note home or a "great-news phone call home) I am
    > an equal emphasis on the positive. My "rules" are simliar to Maggie's;
    > Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect Art Supplies. The other "R"
    word I
    > stress is Responsibility- I want the kids to know that each person is
    > responsible for his or herself. This is also in writing in my classroom.
    > I 1st began teaching years ago, I had probably 12 rules that rambled on
    > on. Not as effective as a few chioce words- who read all those wordy
    > Until you got through it all.....!
    > I am very interested in what others are doing for rewards; always looking
    > new ideas. My philosophy is, if it works for you, do it!
    > One of the most effective and fun "rewards" I have is a giant clear
    > jar (shaped like a teddy bear) sitting on my desk which contains animal
    > crackers. Got it cheaply at Costo. I put a sign on it that reads in big
    > letters "Cookie Compliments" . Often, when I catch a child following a
    > being kind to another child, for example, I will ask him or her to take a
    > "Cookie Compliment". The idea that everyone wants to be "caught"
    following a
    > rule works so well with this reward business! I also do magic tricks as a
    > class reward and everyone throughout the year gets to be my Magician's
    > Assistant. So far that's worked great, grades k-5. Hey, they don't call me
    > Mrs. Magic Menkes for nothin' !! Susan on Long Island
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