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Re: Rules and Regulations

Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 17:23:35 PDT

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    After reading many versions of "Rules and Regulations", I haven't noticed
    Positive Reinforcements being included in the written text in the classroom.
    I like to state the rules as simply as possible (3-5 seems to work best for
    me). Next come the Consequences. Then, equally important in my classroom, the
    Rewards are posted. I find that by posting the rewards (and a reward can be
    as simple as a nice note home or a "great-news phone call home) I am putting
    an equal emphasis on the positive. My "rules" are simliar to Maggie's;
    Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect Art Supplies. The other "R" word I
    stress is Responsibility- I want the kids to know that each person is
    responsible for his or herself. This is also in writing in my classroom. When
    I 1st began teaching years ago, I had probably 12 rules that rambled on and
    on. Not as effective as a few chioce words- who read all those wordy rules?
    Until you got through it all.....!
    I am very interested in what others are doing for rewards; always looking for
    new ideas. My philosophy is, if it works for you, do it!

    One of the most effective and fun "rewards" I have is a giant clear plastic
    jar (shaped like a teddy bear) sitting on my desk which contains animal
    crackers. Got it cheaply at Costo. I put a sign on it that reads in big red
    letters "Cookie Compliments" . Often, when I catch a child following a rule,
    being kind to another child, for example, I will ask him or her to take a
    "Cookie Compliment". The idea that everyone wants to be "caught" following a
    rule works so well with this reward business! I also do magic tricks as a
    class reward and everyone throughout the year gets to be my Magician's
    Assistant. So far that's worked great, grades k-5. Hey, they don't call me
    Mrs. Magic Menkes for nothin' !! Susan on Long Island


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