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Lesson Plans

Re: typical HS week

From: Dennis Freeman (freemad)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 02:25:49 PDT

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    on 8/16/00 11:59 PM, Iteachart7 at Iteachart7 wrote:

     Can anyone share what their typical HS week
    > is like?
    > Do you have a day set aside for art history? A day for crits? a day for
    > observational drawing? Project time?
    > Gabrielle
    > ---
    Gabrielle - I'm HS, too (9 - 12, rotating AB block, 3 classes & 1 prep/day).
    My only hard & fast rule is to avoid heavy content presentations on Fridays.
    When the wrestlers & boys / girls bb are out of town, along with
    cheerleaders, speech, etc., it just makes sense that Fridays are studio

    I sympathize w/ you in "having a lot on the plate" - it's tough to know how
    to balance it all. In general, I try to tie art history to projects, and
    get in a half-day (45 min.) every two weeks. I try for a critique at the
    middle and end of every project, which also aids in pacing & motivating
    students to finish on time - this usually means a crit about every 2 weeks.
    We do observational drawing or design exercises at the beginning of about
    every other class, for around 10 - 15 minutes, sometimes longer.

    Needless to say, this all breaks down with great frequency, esp. around the
    time of our big Spring exhibition. This year I have visiting artists for
    part of first semester, so it will all be up in the air! Hope this helps &
    good luck w/ your recovery. - Dennis in Wyo.


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