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Lesson Plans

Re: Rules and Expectations

From: gregjuli
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 07:31:49 PDT

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    hi all ,
    The Status program sounds a just little like our program for the whole
    school,it is called the Honors discipline system. It is actually not
    only a plan that all the teachers follow, put the school also purchases
    a computer program for keeping records of all disciplinary matters and
    what the consequences are for the student. Consistently for the past 7
    years 92 % of our middle school students are on Honor Levels 1 & 2 ( 4
    is the lowest) . Honors level one means the students has received NO
    infractions in a 2 week period. Level two means that they have received
    between 1- 10 points. Levels 3 & 4 the points add up and those students
    usually have heavy after school ,lunch detentions or are in -house
    detention. Also they lose privileges like going on field trips. The
    beauty of this system is that the teacher in NOT responsible for staying
    after or giving up lunch for detentions. Letters from the v.p. and calls
    home follow from administrators for serious probs. We are strongly also
    encouraged to call home too for those matters.
    There is a nice consistency of how discipline is handled through out the
    school. We have had many other schools visit our school to see this
    program , which we also saw from another school in our area.
    Keep in mind I'm giving you the system in a nutshell, but it is one of
    the most efficient and helpful systems I've ever seen in a middle
    One more thing-
    How does a student get an infraction? One warning from teacher for
    inappropriate behavior ( they are listed on the infraction slip- 3
    categories points,1 point, 3 points and 5 points) .If another warning
    is necessary the student receives the slip as a visual warning, 3rd step
    , if it continues the slip( infraction ) is turned into the office for
    processing for a detention. For example- Not returning signed form- 1
    point, Not following directions- 3 points, inappropriate language 5
    It is great at conference time when we can get print outs of the
    student's behavior record from the beginning of the year!




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