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Re: Learning names (was: Rules...)

From: Maggie White (mwhiteaz)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 06:45:54 PDT

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    Holly112 wrote:
    > In a message dated 8/15/00 11:00:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
    > litesal writes:

    > Does anyone have a surefire, shortcut way of learning students' names?
    > (After 2 yrs and 550 students in my old school, I still didn't know every kid'
    > s name without referring to a chart I had made!)

    I teach HS and only have about 90-100 students a semester, but I learn
    all their names in three days. As I call roll the first time I make
    note of any distinguishing characteristics (glasses, skinny, fat, shaved
    head, long hair, dyed hair, back right corner) and pencil it next to
    their names, in Spanish in case they look at my roster. Then, while
    they're working, I walk around with the roster and quiz myself, asking
    for help if I'm stuck. I do this several times throughout the period,
    each day, and I learn them all pretty quickly.



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