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Re: Rules and Expectations

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 21:27:16 PDT

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    Hello Carol!
    THank you for your reply! I was wondering,...where did you get this program you call STATUS? And, what if they would reach #1 (needed more than 2 reminders)?
    What would the consequence be at that point?
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      Hello Barb, I don't teach 7th grade but I do have 5th graders. Last year I had a terrible problem with discipline until I began using a program called Status. I listed the expectations on a poster then I made a behavior rubric, 4 was, followed the expectations with no reminders, 3--I needed one reminder, 2--I needed 2 reminders, and 1 was I needed more than 2 reminders. Then at the end of class each student had to report his/her status for the day. If they gave themselves a 4 but I had given them a reminder I would say, Please think about it and I will come back to you. then I would go on to the next student and come back to that one at the end. If they still thought they should get a 4 I would say, No, I had to remind you to..... If you disagree with this, you may see me at the end of the day and we will discuss it. They were quite honest with their evaluations, no one ever disagreed after they had a moment to rethink their score, but best of all, the discipline problems seemed to almost disappear. Hope this helps, it sure helped me. Carol
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        Hello All!
            I need your help guys and you've always come through for here goes...
        My daughter, as you've known from before, is going to be teaching 7th graders this year as a FIRST YEAR TEACHER....and, is trying to put together some general classroom rules and expectations so that her classes know, right off the bat, what is what. I teach at the h.s. level and my rules and expectations may be a little different than what you (at the junior high level) use. Do you have anything that you've used that you can share? I suggested she post them on a big poster board and leave that sucker up there for the whole year in plain sight. I'd REALLY appreciate all your help...especially from you jr. high teachers that have "been there" and "done that" for years!!
        Thanks SO MUCH in advance to you all!
        Barb F.


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