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Lesson Plans

Re: Rules and Expectations

From: Litesal (litesal)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 07:56:21 PDT

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    I teach elementary, but thought this might be helpful to someone. I wrote
    ART RULES vertically along the left edge of my poster in big red letters
    (notice the double meaning). Then I have a rule for each letter (I'll write
    that below). I know eight rules are a lot, but I don't think they're hard to

    My plan for keeping track of discipline problems (not my strongpoint with
    approximately 175 students per day) is as follows. I will write the
    offending student's name on my lamenated poster under the rule broken, if
    another rule is broken I will circle the name (also I will make note under
    the rule broken if it was a different rule), finally, I will put a check by
    the name if a rule is broken again and the student will get a consequence
    (this is based on Canter's assertive discipline, in the past, I used a more
    Glasser-like approach, but it is too time consuming for a once a week class,
    IMO). When the class leaves, I will write the first two letters of the rule
    broken, on my seating chart. That way I will have a running record of what
    is going on in case further intervention is needed (in the past I just
    couldn't remember who was being a problem, this was counter productive
    because the whole class would suffer). If you are interested in my
    consequences and/or positive rewards, let me know.

    Here are the rules:
    Always pay attention
    Respect all people and things
    Try your best

    Raise your hand (I'll elaborate the meaning when I explain rules)
    Use time wisely
    Listen carefully
    Expect to work hard
    Stay quiet

    Hope this helps,


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