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Lesson Plans

egypt idea

From: Judy Anderson (anderson)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 06:42:09 PDT

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         When I taught k-8 art, I would often focus on one culture or time
    period in all the grade levels...I enjoyed being involved so deeply in one
    subject and it made a neat following one theme all over the
    school...each level making a project that reflected their abilities and
         Anyway, in one of the grades we made self-portrait pharoah heads using
    tagboard, markers and aluminum foil. We drew and cut out ovals the size of
    student head, decorated the tagboard (12X18) to look like the headdress and
    part of the breastplate of a pharoah based on what we had observed, but
    personalizing the costume to reflect student interests, style, and
    personality. (the animal motifs depicted their strengths, etc.) Behind the
    figure we added background. Where did out pharoah live? Then we placed
    aluminum foil over each student's face, pressed it around their features,
    and taped the form inside their ovals.
    It was pretty cool. Some looked so much like the student. They were
    delicate so we hung them right away and high enough so no one had the urge
    the punch the face. It was grade school after all. Next to each was a
    written explanation of their choices (animal symbols, colors, background,
    clothing, etc.) to demonstrate how each reflected them as individuals.

         I think another class made a three dimensional pyramids and filled them
    with the items they would want for their "next life." Interesting
    discussions came out of comparing what they had chosen and they wrote and
    included their lists and explanations of their choices with the final display.


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