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Lesson Plans

Re: Rules and Expectations

From: Janjarreau
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 22:21:43 PDT

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    Here is some things I put in my first correspondence with the parents.

    Classroom Rules

    1. Keep moving in the hall. Be in the room when the bell rings or you will
    be considered tardy.
    2. Stop, look and listen while Teacher is speaking, demonstrating and during
    all announcements.
    3. Never chew gum, eat or drink in the classroom! I will reward only those
    who follow this rule.
    4. Always respect Teacher, Classmates, art equipment and supplies.
    5. Paint brushes, tables and classroom must be clean and orderly before being
    6. The bell does not dismiss class. The teacher will dismiss class when
    EVERYONE is seated.
    7. I will not accept artwork if it displays graphic violence, sexual content,
    pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco use and suicide. Symbols (gangs,
    satanic, etc.) cause distraction and will not be tolerated. Your safety is
    our biggest concern.

    Discipline / Consequences

    1st. Consequence:
    I will give you "the look" (both eyes arched, or sometimes one will be
    squinted) It is not a pretty sight. This usually takes care of the problem.
    2nd. Consequence:
    A verbal warning will be given. You have disappointed me. (sad face)
    3rd. Consequence:
    I will contact your parents. (sad face)
    4th. Consequence:
    BEFORE SCHOOL DETENTION. A parental conference may be needed.
    5th. Consequence:
    Continued bad behavior will result in Principal Referral, ISS and or OSS.
    This incident will be on your permanent record for all times. It may come
    back to haunt you if you should ever decide to run for political office.

    Supply List

    Sketchbook (multipurpose approx. 9x12)
    three ring binder (1" with plenty of paper)
    pocket subject dividers (need 3; try Office Max)
    ink pen (for taking notes)
    Sharpie markers (2 black)
    colored markers (10 count Crayola Classic)
    colored pencils (12 count)
    pencils (preferably drawing pencils with various softness of lead, but any
    will do)
    scissors (full size)
    construction paper
    index cards (3X5 ruled, 100) (for Art History)
    2 white poster boards (to create a portfolio)
    Elmer's Glue (4 oz.)
    set of watercolor paint (with brush) (child's choice)
    2 Ziplock Freezer Bags (one gallon size to store supplies)
    *Paper Towels and Bar Soap donations are needed for whole class use. Cash
    donations welcomed.
    Please note: I know this time of the year is costly, because I went through
    this with my children. I am working hard to establish resources from
    businesses, family and friends, as well as spending my own money. Please
    provide these supplies for your child. I will label and store them in a safe
    place in the art room. Thank you in advance for helping to make this year
    special for all of us.

    Recyclable Materials

    Magazines (especially National Geographic)
    plastic containers and jars (with lids)
    brown paper bags
    cardboard tubes (all sizes)
    oatmeal and Pringles containers
    wood scraps
    wire (all sizes)
    ceramic pieces
    house paint (nothing toxic)
    paint brushes (any size)
    Linoleum or vinyl flooring
    carpet samples
    wall paper books
    silk flowers
    mat board
    tennis balls
    beads or broken jewelry
    window screens
    fabric or linens (cleaned)
    knee high hose (clean and no runs: this is for a sculpture lesson)
    Styrofoam cups, plates and meat trays (washed)
    yarn or cord
    Popsicle sticks (washed)
    Mirrors (for self portraits)
    Blender, Hair dryer, lamps or Electric Skillet (working)


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