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Re: Artist Quotes

From: henry taylor (taylorh)
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 20:10:45 PDT

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    > > Why, I wonder, are one sentence quotations now so
    > > popular?
    > a. Because we are a sound-bite society now.

    That's an "old" byte. What do we evolve into NEXT?
    Where do we go from here? How flows the trend? Will the
    "sound-nibble society" replace the "sound byte
    society?" ---will we next inquire as to which 2 artists
    have influenced art the most? Which 2 artists do we all
    agree we need to address? (tis real! In computerese a
    nibble represents a smaller portion than a byte.) a
    new nibble--- Picasso said "Truth is the lie..." and
    what more need we quote? The bytes have it!!!

    > b. Because typing in the whole quote takes up
    bandwidth, and
    > some folks complain about it, especially those who
    take the
    > digest form of mailing lists.

    Because they don't have time for more than a byte. This
    year my classes all run at least 5 minutes fewer for
    rather the same reasons. I found college courses in the
    90's similarly abreviated. So what do we do with all
    this extra time? bureaucratic exercises? paperwork?

    If we could just shorten things up a teensy bit more by
    deleting all forms of the verb "to be" this scheme
    might at least make our communication much clearer. I
    would significantly shorten all of my own posts for
    that little favor.

    > c. We like one-liners.

    Man walks into the barber shop.
    The barber sits him down and drapes the cloth about him
    gossiping all the time non-stop.

    Sharpening up the blade he finally asks "So, how would
    you like your hair cut today?"


    Mesopotamian one-liner circa 4000 b.p.e. (B.C.)

    We always have. We used to like other qualities as
    well. Once we appear to have worked--met our survival
    neets comfortably, only 2 days out of the week for the
    most part.

    As an engineer I learned that we have insufficient time
    to do the assignment correctly but we always find the
    time to turn out a substandard product and issue
    similarly substandard updates and corrections until the
    next generation design replaces the old flawed one.
    Never buy the first release of a new generation
    product! You will find it full of bugs.

    I think I wrote this without using any form of "to be"
    but in the interest of time I won't check it.


    "A line is a dot" Klee
    "there is no reason to paint" Haring
    "Nothing is important" Haring
    "Art lives" Gide
    and above all---
    "Art is the lie" Pablo Picasso

    ..offering a gadfly's provocation with a wink and a



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