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Re: budget orders

From: Litesal (litesal)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 06:15:08 PDT

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    > <<I just got the last year's
    > order form last Friday, so My order will not be in for the start of
    > school.Oh bother! Just somebody tell me I can do this!!!!!!!!!!>>
    > Well, our school district doesn't even PASS OUR BUDGET until August 15,
    > 2 days before the kids come back. I have to cross my fingers and fill
    > out purchase orders and hope that they give me my requested budget!

    Now I'm beginning to think our way of ordering isn't so bad. We get our
    computerized order sheets in November or December (for the following year).
    This is difficult, because I'm not so sure what we are going to end up using
    (since I also share all my supplies with classroom teachers). My system is
    to take what I had last year in Nov./Dec., add what I ordered last year, and
    then subtract from it what I have at the time of the new order. Then order
    that number of items, this works if I want to keep the number the same from
    Nov., to Nov.. Problem is, sometimes I have an overstock, or we use a whole
    lot of something later in the year . . . so it's guess work. As soon as
    things even out, and we use up what was there when I arrived (six years ago)
    it should work out better. The good news is, I always get what I order
    (I've never been told what my budget is). The bad news is that sometimes I
    make an error in judgement about how much I need.

    And to think, I was worried that just a few of my things haven't arrived



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