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Lesson Plans

Re: sneaky or creative

From: Judy Anderson (anderson)
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 06:03:55 PDT

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    As a high school teacher for many years, I have certainly had my share of
    bad experiences, but so far without any scars. I have been accused of being
    manipulative and of being sneaky in some of my solutions. I always explain
    that in art we call it "being creative". It has become a family joke..."how
    are you going to get out of this one, judy...a real test of your creativity".

    I have found that confrontation rarely works with teachers as they generally
    have so much pent up aggression that they welcome the opportunity to dump on
    someone their own I have to be creative.

    when everyone else was hating the new guidance counselor as she was dumping
    students in classes instead of appropriately placing them (I got more than
    my share). I tried to get to know her...invited her into my room to get to
    know the kids since my classes are more sociable (yes, and large and dumping
    sites). After seven years, some still hate her, and she and I plan my
    classes each term to spread out the behavior problems and to be sure each
    student qualifies for his/her placement.

    As I am in a small school and some students need electives I have started an
    intermediate class in which we place students who need credits badly to
    graduate, but may or may not have art ability. We produce most of the time.
    Projects are determined by the abilities and interests of the group
    (although they don't know that). Sometimes the curriculum is predominantly
    crafts, other years more drawing and painting. We learn by listening,
    watching and discussing and I evaluate using checklists and give oral tests.
    I have to say that I always enjoy this group...they are so happy to be in a
    place designed for success. The guidance counselor and I came up with this
    (ok, so actually I came up with this and presented it in such a way as to
    make her think it was our idea. This never would have happened if I hadn't
    been creative in the beginning.

    I also got a new computer this year because I didn't complain. Each time
    the overworked district computer specialist saw me, she would feel guilty
    because I was the only one who understood how busy she was. One Sunday she
    emailed me at home from my new computer at school and told me that I got my
    computer before all the others because I was understanding. Of course I
    brought her a plant on Monday (now I need some better software) and emailed
    her from India this summer on my vacation with some info about computers in
    other parts of the world....

    hmm...are we sneaky when we do this or creative....I don't know or care. I
    watch others fight and hold resentments and am glad I have the ability to
    get through it all without strife.



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