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From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 21:25:38 PDT

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    Thanks so much for your input! I showed your message to my daughter and I think she's getting a little less nervous about the whole idea of teaching 7th graders!
    Thanks again!
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      I've taught 7th grade art and social studies for 16 years and just LOVE this age group. They are very affectionate, extremely funny, totally squirrelly and really want to know if adults other than their parents will love them. They respond well to women who like them and aren't their moms, as they are still very much children inside. They needs lots of concrete directions and structure, as they are the most unorganized creatures on the planet at this point. They respond to humor, praise, affection and honesty. They also need to be taught manners and have good manners modeled for them continuely. I run a benign dictatorship in my classroom, where if they are doing what I want, I lavish praise and affection on them and let them know that they are cool. If they are being squirrelly, I bluntly tell them so and then remind them of (and model) the kinds of the behaviors I want to see. This grade level has a lot in common with kindergarten!

      This is a wonderful grade level to teach. It does take LOTS of energy to deal with these busy little souls, but it's worth it!! A happy and successful 7th grade experience will set the stage for a successful secondary level experience for many of these kids. Think of it as Puppy Training 101!

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      Hello to all!
       This is a general question to all you teachers out there who teach at the junior high level...specifically seventh graders. Could you let me know what you feel are the most common characteristics of that age group and how you deal with this age? So many people say that this is the WORST age group to teach and yet,...I hear from other teachers that they LOVE this age group.
       My daughter is going to be teaching 7th grade Health classes. She practice taught a 2nd grade class and when someone asked her recently what school she was going to be teaching in (first professional teaching job) and what grade, they remarked , "Oh, you mean you'll be teaching at the "zoo"?" I've told her to begin tough as nails and don't even think about smiling until Christmas! (that may be a little much, maybe???) ANY SUGGESTIONS?



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