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Re: you'll all appreciate this

From: artrageous
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 21:08:25 PDT

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    At our school (grades 5-12) there's no such thing as a "duty free lunch." Each day I eat with my advisees (last year I had seven 5th-7th grade boys)!

    (The plus side is that we have an incredible "free" buffet at noon every day. I've lost the weight I gained last year, but the food is really, really good so I'll have to watch it again when school starts!)

    Our day (at this small private co-ed boarding/day school) officially starts at 7:50 with a morning assembly (again with advisees). We're encouraged to get there earlier, though, to eat breakfast with the boarding students. I then teach 5 classes per day with one planning period--no lunch "break," like I said.

    Two out of three seasons, teachers are responsible for the afternoon athletic program which starts around 2:30 and runs until 5 (much later if you have games!) We have no PE teachers. Last winter I alternately taught an aerobic dance class and filled in as receptionist, while our receptionist coached 7th/8th grade girls' basketball.

    In the spring--at the same time I was trying to get ready for the school's first off-campus art show in its 122 years--I was the assistant director and set designer for our spring drama production. I also was involved in a weekly service group (meaning service to the community; it's built into our curriculum) and I sponsored an art club. Taking a substantial cut in pay, I opted OUT of the 1 night per week "duty" until midnight, along with the every-5th-weekend duty coverage. I would have opted "in" for "duty," had housing been available on-campus for this school year. (Yes, I would have sold my house and moved there, if it would have worked out!)

    I'd earn a LOT more in a public school, but I have no more than 14 kids in a class, and most classes have even fewer. Plus I have incredible academic freedom. The school is within 6 miles of my house, and is located on a beautiful 1600 acre campus with a pool, a lake, miles of trails, etc.

    There are major tradeoffs (it's time-intensive and low paying--and that may eventually push me back to the public sector) but I hear you guys talking about having 30 to 40 kids in a class and I just cringe!!

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