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Re: Ceramic Glazes - any recommendations?

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 14:01:34 PDT

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    Re: Ceramic Glazes - any recommendations?I teach at the high school level and would like to know more about the hand-mixed glazes....does it take alot of time and don't you have to be pretty careful when mixing?
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      on 8/11/00 1:45 AM, Stephanie Krause at frostyoranges wrote:

    > I'm seeking advice on one product in particular: you guessed it, ceramic
    > glazes. The few ceramics classes I've taught were in classrooms that were
    > already stocked (with yechy hand-me-down glazes), so I didn't have to order
    > them then. And as an artist, I've only worked with vats of the hand-mixed
    > kind - but needless to say we are NOT doing that!
      any favorites you could recommend to me?

      Stephanie - And why are we not working with "vats of the hand-mixed kind"? We do that in my classroom (9 - 12) with great success. The kids learn to do it the "real" way, costs are lower, and we get to do some basic glaze formulation. We use 5 gal. buckets w/ lids. If you are doing stoneware, I really think this is a good way to go.

      You didn't say what cone you are firing to. Also, I'm assuming you are using an electric kiln, so are you going to do eathenware (cone 04 - 07), low-temp stoneware (cone 4 - 6), or try high-fire in your electric (some kilns can do this)? What you need or can use depends on these factors. Let us know, and I'm sure you'll come up with some great suggestions from the list. - Dennis in Wyo.


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