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Re: Most Influential Artists-Michel

Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 05:46:04 PDT

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    Michel....I just read your comments and perhaps I have a solution for your
    feelings...I have about 25 artists' pictures and works surrounding my
     always. As the grades study them, about 3-4 a year we also refelct on how
    they compare to the others they have studied in previous years...and by the
    time my 5th graders are learning their last 4 they can review, relate,
    connect and contrast all that they have been seeing and learning about for
    the last 5 years. so the learning is not disjoint, it all connects. We find
    history and the relation of who and what the artist was to the time in
    history and today....and to what each one was saying about himself and his
    time. During observations....I a quick review "around the room"
    pointing out different artists and have the kids tell how each may relate in
    some way to the one we are really works....and your curriculum
    is completely relevant and connected.....and by doing it that way there is a
    lot of retension. robin


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