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Re: 5 Most Influential Artists

From: Woody Duncan (wduncan)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 15:29:08 PDT

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    Why only five, at what grade level, and why only dead European males ?????
    What does it mean to "know" an artist ? Is it just exposure, or recall
    of the name
    or recognition of some of their work, or recognizing their style ?????
    I teach Middle School, and I would not wish to limit exposure or
    learning about
    artists to so few. If the learning is around some activity the students enjoy
    they will remember much more, it will provide meaning to hold the memory.
    I for one introduce them to eight women artists from various cultures
    the first
    day. Our tables are named after: Georgia O'Keeffe, Mary Cassett, Kathe Kollwitz,
    Margaret Bourke-White, Maya Lin, Maria Martinez, Faith Ringgold, and
    Frida Kahlo.
    If they inquire as to why "all women", they seldom do", I explain that
    we need to
    do it for the next two thousand years to correct the misconceptions in
    the history
    book that all famous artists are "dead white males."
                                                    My own way, Woody in KC

    Michal wrote:
    > I met yesterday with some area art teachers and the discussion turned to
    > this topic: If your students were to leave your art class only knowing 5
    > artists, which 5 would you consider the most important that they know?
    > Which 5 would you be embarrassed if they did not know them? It is a
    > rather thought provoking idea. We roughly decided upon DaVinci,
    > Michaelangelo, Rembrandt, VanGogh, and Picasso. Do you agree or disagree
    > with this list? If you were to take out one of them, which one? And who
    > would you replace him with?
    > ~Michal

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