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Lesson Plans

Way too easy sub plans....

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 12:38:40 PDT

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    Roberta Dunkle "turned me on" to the Art History Newsletter. There
    is some really good "stuff" that comes. The most recent one had some
    printable worksheets.

    I would only recommend using these in extreme emergencies (like when your
    ADMINISTRATOR has to sub for you....god knows they couldn't handle a REAL
    art lesson....ha-ha....everyone get a chuckle from this one).

    If you are interested.....
    >To add a new email address or remove your email address from this
    >newsletter, visit: and
    >click the subscribe or unsubscribe button.

    Me again....My big complaint about "" is that they have that
    gambling casino banner (it is even on the word search!). If you click on it
    to close, it goes to the site. I have had kids do this thinking they were
    simply closing the banner to get rid of it (oh, of course I got scolded for
    allowing the student to go to the gambling site....the tech guys should of
    listened to me when I asked about banner blocking software). I wrote to about their gambling links/banners....they told me that the About
    for kids does not have it. (They did have a link to gambling along the side
    on one of the for kids pages I checked.) I wonder what a flood of e-mails
    would do????? But it wasn't my idea.....(ha-ha)

    I tried to save the word search--then cut the banner out. I got rid of the
    banner but not the red block under it...the easiest way to do it is the old
    fashioned way. Print--cut it off--then photocopy. Technology can not do

    BTW....I personally do not think word searches have much educational
    value...but that is just me, I guess. They seem to be popular.

    A few years ago, I was given a site that would let you create your own word
    search puzzle (even give you an answer sheet)--but I think it only worked
    for MACs. Anybody know of such a site now?

    Judith Decker


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