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garage sales items.....

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 10:58:25 PDT

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    from: Bunki Kramer (
    Los Cerros Middle School
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    > Check out garage sales!!!! I found a beautiful book on Degas Deags - Beyond
    > Impressionism - for a buck! ALso picked up several prints already framed for
    > $1-2. Fits my budget! :-)> Sally^.^

    There's a gold mine waiting to be discovered at "estate" garage sales. If
    you haven't ventured into this area, you should go to at least ONE. I've
    been out of practice in the past few years but decided to stop at one
    recently. I bought an old straw Mexican mask (still in excellent shape with
    an old price tag still attached of $89) for $4 which will be added to my
    classroom mask collection. I also bought a fabulous Amante bark painting
    framed for $1. Add a great shaped ceramic jar ($1) for our still life
    sketching items and I walked away with spending $6 total for outstanding
    items for teaching. My main lure is looking for containers for silk flowers.
    During my last "wish list" collection, I wound up with many, many silk
    flowers and I now have them poking out of odd places in my room in garage
    sale containers. As well as using them for drawing/painting projects, they
    also add to the atmosphere of the room...making it look homey.

    For our still life items: I keep a small table full of items I've found at
    garage sales in the past and when kids run out of ideas etc., they can go to
    this table and pick out items of interest. They're always poking around
    looking at things. Old kitchen tools plus odd clay pots and old clocks seem
    to be their favorites.

    My best "buys" have been finding brandnew pliers/wire cutters for $1 a piece
    at one gentleman's home who also happen to be an owner of a hardware store.
    Now all this is well and good...but the BEST part is walking away with a
    successfully negotiated price!! Good garage savvy is knowing how to haggle!!


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