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Lesson Plans

Re: gifts and flower pots, pumpkins, and nerves!

From: Michal (whest177)
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 10:49:47 PDT

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        Sally, we all have faith in you - you are going to be an excellent art
    teacher! Just concentrate on the first day and first week. Survive that first
    horrible week when the kids are excited and bouncy - have your first lesson well
    thought out. Then you can spend the first weekend preparing for "real" teaching!

        My first day project is the same every single year. I use 12x18" portfolios
    for every student. They will receive their portfolios on the first day
    (sometimes I have the older kids make their own). They will write their names on
    the top and we will have our first gluing lesson/review. I have a sheet that
    attaches to the front of their portfolios - legal size color sheet that I
    create. On this sheet (the design varies from year to year and relates to my
    overall theme for the year) I have a copy of the color wheel and the elements of
    design. The kids then have a reference in front of them for the rest of the
    year. The gluing lesson involves placing one TINY drop of glue on each corner
    and placing it on the portfolio. This may sound simplistic, but I am always
    amazed that kids will squeeze an entire bottle of glue onto the smallest paper
    to get it to stick! With my introduction, distributing supplies and the
    portfolios that pretty much takes up my 25 minutes with them!

    > This flower pen is a project I did with my Third graders for several years.
    > We painted small terra cotta flowers potsand stuffed them with floral foam.
    > Then we hot glued the lid into the foam and made a pen holder. We dressed
    > out the top of the pot with Spanish moss and small silk flowers. The kids
    > loved them and so did the parents.
    > Cool! I can take at least one of my faithful projects with me into the Art
    > room!
    > Don't know if this would work with the food art questions, but with our
    > nutrition unit I always mad soft sculpture pumpkins with my 3rd. Knee highs,
    > fiberfill, rubber bands, and tempera mad beautiful pumpkins.
    > We start the 21st and I am really getting scared! I just got the last year's
    > order form last Friday, so My order will not be in for the start of
    > school.Oh bother! Just somebody tell me I can do this!!!!!!!!!!
    > Sally^.^


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