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Re: Great lesson using paper napkins

Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 06:38:34 PDT

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    To Janice who asked for "paper" lessons and anyone else who is looking for a
    lesson that can be used for grades1-12 (believe it or not-it's that
        Paper Napkin Designs- materials: inexpensive white napkins (the thinner,
    the better) or white tissue paper cut into squares, markers in different
    colors(they can't be dried up). Have students make a design on one side of
    the napkin. The idea is to press the marker gently so that it doesn't rip the
    napkin and the design shows through to the other side. Flip the napkin over
    and go over any pattern that did not bleed through from the other side. I
    think that a variety of colors and shapes works best. Students may start on
    one end or in the middle. You can discuss repetition of line, cool and warm
    colors, opposite colors, etc., etc. or just the fun of doodling. When the
    whole napkin is filled with color and the napkin is "dry",the students get a
    wonderful surprise! When they open the napkin, their design is repeated 4
    times in each square, with design connected if they have worked to the edges
    of the napkin. This is the time to discuss symmetry and mirror imagery.
    Last year I used 6x6 white tissue paper pomps which I helped my 1st graders
    fold into 4ths (good math integration). I mounted everyone's design together
    on a huge piece of bulletin board paper and we called it a "Tie-Dye Quilt" as
    part of a school-wide unit on art of the 60's. If you can, mount the designs
    or put them through the laminating machine. I've done this lesson with much
    older students also, and they all love it! Susan on Long Island


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