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Lesson Plans

Re: Looking for fun perspective lessons!

From: croberts (croberts)
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 22:24:14 PDT

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    Here's one...12x18" paper, tagboard precut to 3x4" (sometimes I vary the
    sizes, but when I'm teaching perspective, I use the one size)...

    Draw around the tagboard rectangles in 8 places on the drawing paper...4
    corners and in middle on each side. Place the dot somewhere near the center
    of the paper. Then I create a box and show them how to do it...then they
    get to practice all around the paper.

    Erase the guidelines...then they draw openings (holes) in the boxes...they
    have to draw them in perspective depending on the side of the box, circles
    on front side, ovals on sides....draw "worms" crawling in and around the
    boxes all over the paper...they wind them in and out, loop them, etc. and
    they need to be drawn big enough so they can add shading.

    Then determine the source of the light and shade the boxes...and then shade
    the worms (sometimes we've added texture or designs on the worms. Use
    pencil or colored pencils.

    Carolyn Roberts
    Kinston High School
    Kinston NC 28501
    croberts (Computer Art

    >I am looking for fun perspective lessons for the 4th and fifth grades.
    >I'm trying to come up with some cool themes etc... Any ideas or tried and
    >true favorites would be wonderful to hear!


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