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Lesson Plans

Re: artsednet digest: August 04, 2000

From: msqu (msqu)
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 15:45:38 PDT

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        Copy paper is my back up when I get low on supplies. With copy paper you
       1) Set up a still life. Have students draw in pencil, then trace over
    pencil lines with a black finepoint marker. You can get away with sharing
    these markers since everyone won't finish at the same time.
       2) Have students use it for origami. Then use crayons to color if you
       3) Copy paper is great for teaching paper cutting and paper expansion.
    Make into a large square (as for origami, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2) Fold paper
    diagonally. Now fold in half. Fold in half one last time. Remeber where the
    center of the paper will be when opened. I have students put an x on it.
    Turn the triangle so that the x (corner) is pointing up.Cut almost all the
    way across beginning near the bottom of the left edge. Move scissors a
    quarter of an inch up and cut almost all the way across beginning on the
    left side of the triangle. Continue to cut alternating until you have almost
    reached the x on the top.
     Carefully unfold. You will find the center expands upward. This can be
    found in paper cutting books. There are a lot of expanded paper projects.
      4) Use for making handmade paper. It just takes a blender, some old
    blankets cut up and either embroidery hoops with a mesh material stretched
    inside or screens. You can find instructions at the library or any many
    project books.
       5) Copy paper is great for making snowflakes but be creative. Try a 3-d
       6) Bring in old magazines and use copy paper for the base of a collage.
       7) Draw as large a circle as you can. Make a dot in the center. Begin at
    any point on the circle and draw a spiral ending at the dot in the circle.
    Color. Cut out the circle then cut on the spiraled line. Hole punch and hang
    mobile. Modifiy by drawing a snake's head instead of a central dot.
       If you don't have scissors, glue or crayons, then you probably will have
    to buy some yourself to get started. Most teachers have to invest a little
    every year.

    I hope this helps. I know what it is like to come to a room with no
    supplies. If you are interested in the names of some books, email me and I
    will look them up.


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