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Computer Question / Wireless Web ???

From: Woody Duncan (wduncan)
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 14:02:31 PDT

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    More technical questions:
            My district is in the process of equipping each building with a wireless
    system to access the internet. If anyone is familiar with how this
    please help me understand it. In my school the wireless system is installed
    except for (get this) the electrical hook ups. Some company came in and ran
    the wires and transmitters but left power cords hanging. I was told
    that the
    district electricians need to come out and run the electrical lines and outlets
    so it can be plugged in. Who knows when that will be ????? I suspect
    something must be added to each computer (software, circuit board or
    additional hardware) no one seems to know.
            At the same time, another group (e-rate funds I think) is going to wire
    every building and put five drops in each classroom. I know this sounds
    redundant but the left hand seldom knows what the right hand is doing anyway.
    We are also suppose to get a phone line in each classroom too. I'll
    believe that when
    I see it. Let's just hope there is a button to turn the phone off. I
    don't answer it
    at home, and I know I won't answer it while I'm teaching. They say it
    will have
    a voice mail backup, but the district pays for my voice mail now and it hasn't
    worked all summer.
            Last week I was in the building when a new computer was put in every
    classroom (except art and music). Well, we relocated some new computers quickly
    so the error has been corrected. I will now have three computers in my classroom.
    But I have only one internet drop, a modified T-line I'm told.
            What I'd like to find out is:
    1. What needs to be added to each of my PC's to make them ready to
    access the
            internet via a wireless system ? Is it something I can add ?
    2. If the wireless system is delayed, what do I get to split the one
    drop I've got
            so all three computers can be on the internet at the same time ? Can I
            do that myself ?
    I'd like to hit the ground running this year and not have to wait on the district
    to get around to setting things up. I'm used to my i-Mac at home. If I had
    Macs at school, I'd just hook them all together off a USB hub.
            If you can give me some hints I would appreciate it, Woody in KC

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