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Re: Local District control

From: Jean Hess (jeannieinpa)
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 11:17:16 PDT

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     Should local
    > school districts have the power to decide what to
    > teach?
    > Larry

    Well, Larry, this IS a Pet Peeve of mine.

    Here we are, in a rapidly shrinking world. As
    citizens of our country, we want our country and its
    corporations to compete successfully in the world's
    economy. That means (to me) that all kids in a
    country should have much the same educational
    opportunity! I do understand the regional need for
    instruction in one's local heritage, but I worry that
    local concerns take too much preference over national

    It has surely happened in my own school district
    social studies program. I'm in Pennsylvania, a state
    with a high number of hate-mongers and racists. But
    in our curriculum, elementary level social studies
    focuses on our community, our state. Kids don't learn
    about other countries except by default (like the 2nd
    grade teacher who went to France and did a unit about
    that addition to the curricular goals).
    Kids don't learn about other cultures except for
    Native Americans (strictly historic, not current).

    I think the current curricular goals are valuable but
    insufficient. Things like this probably happen all
    over the world. I think it is vision with blinders
    on. I just don't understand why more of our leaders
    don't feel the same way I do.

    Hopping off my soap box now and getting a glass of
    cold water to cool off. Whew! Jeannie in PA

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