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Re: Measuring,cutting,taping, etc... sorry it got long

From: Iteachart7
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 15:09:53 PDT

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    mwhiteaz writes:

    << I have a _lot_ of HS students who can't even measure to half-inches.

    Dear Maggie,
    I'm so glad you said that about the HSer's. I teach 9-12 grade and I'm
    amazed at what they can't do. In this day of cyber/electron/gizmos (I sound
    like my grandfather) kids have everything done for them so they don't have to
    retain what they learned in elem/middle school.
    We do a lot of gridding in my intro classes. I used to spend so much time
    just teaching them how to convert there squares. And how to cut things
    out?!! or tear off a piece of tape? Use a compass? Squeeze out a sponge and
    wipe off a table?
    Now I give a test. the first few days of classes when they're all filling
    out forms and creating folders and name projects, I hand out my "tell me what
    you know" test.
    I ask questions like have you ever used a ruler? What is 1/36 of a yard?
    Divide and inch by 4. How often do you use scissors? Every day? Once a
    month? only when you need to cut out a tag from your collar? Do you know who
    Mona Lisa is? How often do you clean off the table at home?
    There are about 30 questions from basic common sense to art history. I tell
    them they can't be wrong and I only use this to help me gauge my classes.
    Then we go on to demo's. That's where the fun starts! I have the one's who
    tell me they know how to do it show the class. It takes a lot of time up
    front, but, then when it comes time to put it in place, we are ready to go!
    Oh yeah, I teach at a private college prep school~ scary.
    One other thing. At the end of school this year I brought in same "old
    fashion" games to play (jax, pick-up sticks, etc) there were only a few kids
    left and I ask for a challenger. When I said has anyone ever played Jax, one
    boy said "I played it on the computer once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes

    I'm Only 42


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