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Re: Measuring

From: John Bundy (jibundy)
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 11:11:26 PDT

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    RE: Measuring30 years ago I bought tools and made a work bench for my first wife's kindergarten classes. The really enjoyed the experiences it provided. But today I would be afraid that one student would hit another with a hammer etc. Children need the experience but parents are often times failing to teach behavior skills that children need to get along in society.
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      From: Patricia Knott
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      I understand everyone's frustration with today's students' seeming inability to handle simple tasks that most of us take for granted. Skills we think somebody else is teaching. I have high school kids that have no clue what anything under an inch is. I taught my photo classes for a year before I realized they didn't know how to read a thermometer, let alone a measuring cup.

      The question becomes, where do these things fit into whose curriculum? In defense of the elementary classroom teacher, he/she has become so inundated with program initiatives and the abundance of information needed to be taught, that certain things just have to fall by the wayside.
      In the scheme of things, in what our young people really need to know today, our job in deciding what gets included to teach in our time with them becomes so frustrating for me.
      Oh, and then there is all the time we spend teaching life skills that parents should be doing.

      BTW Thank goodness that we have cash registers today that tell the operator how much change to give back - they sure can't count it in their heads.

      Are we just a bunch of old fogies bemoaning what the kids can't do that we can?
      And what can they do that we can't?



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