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Re: Printing grids on images

From: Woody Duncan (wduncan)
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 20:21:49 PDT

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    Let me vent a bit,
            As an art teacher, I am ashamed of the lack of simple skills and knowledge
    my students bring to class. No one seems willing to trust, or have time to
    instruct them on the basic tools like a ruler, protractor or compass. I
    them create grids on mat board to put under drawing paper so we could
    use exacto knifes to cut regular patterns. This went fairly well, but using
    a compass to bisect a line with a perpendicular line. You might have thought
    I was trying to explain rocket science. Or, getting them to use a
    compass to
    divide a circle into equal sections. If the Math department did some hands
    on stuff from time to time I might not have to explain those little marks
    on the ruler.
            We had a great inservice on problem solving. The presenter did a great job.
    But it required using protractors. He passed out xeroxed copies for use
    to use.
    Need I say more.
                                    Frustrated in KC, Woody

            On this grid question: If I did not think students needed to draw their own,
    I would suggest another method. Make a few good grids in various sizes.
    Copy them onto transparencies. Place the original image (photo or drawing)
    "together" with the clear grid on your scanner. Scan both together and
    print it
    out for use.

    PHimmelber wrote:
    > Dennis... I see a gimme math application here and wonder how much we benefit
    > the student by having them measure and layout their own grids? I know that
    > time is precious, but in the interest of giving the student a hands on lesson
    > in using a scale... well, I can't imagine a better way. This goes far beyond
    > the hand/eye or proportional development that is largely useless to the
    > students. What do you think?
    > Peter

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