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Re: Interesting tidbit

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 21:51:50 PDT

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    I just got back from Europe on Sunday, July 30th, and just today began
    reading my mail. This tread really intriqued me since I was visiting the
    coloseum about two weeks was AMAZING and we saw the stage being
    put together for this performance you mentioned. Workmen had built a wooden
    walkway across the coloseum's "floor" or where the floor of the coloseum
    originally was. Nowadays, one can see the tunnels where animals were kept
    waiting until they were let lose to fight with gladiators. Anyway, this
    walkway obscured our vision of these tunnels and at the end of the walkway
    was the stage. It was all very intrusive, we all thought, and very
    controversial. The construction of this temporary stage and walkway were
    just too "modern" and really disturbed alot of visitors who felt that a
    concert (we were told a "rock" concert) should not be held at such a
    significant and historic sight as this. I agreed...the coloseum is
    priceless and fragile...I really was upset that authorities would agree to
    put the coloseum at risk...knowing how some people behave at rock concerts
    and such.....Any comments????
    By the way, our trip was so wonderful!!! I LOVED everything...but
    especially Rome...the history of it all is just incredible!! And St.
    Peter's Bascillica.....breathtaking and awe inspiring...if you had any
    question in your mind of your belief in God..this experience will assure you
    of His presence....
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    From: Maggie White <mwhiteaz>
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    Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 8:51 AM
    Subject: Interesting tidbit

    > Hi, all,
    > Just heard a report on NPR's Morning Edition that for the first time in
    > 1500 years, the Roman Colosseum was used last night for a performance
    > (Oedipus Rex). A partial restoration has taken eight years. Only 700
    > people were allowed in, though, down from the original 50,000 capacity;
    > they probably didn't have fire marshals back then :)
    > Maggie
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