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Re: gifted and talented

From: Diane Beilby (dibeilby2)
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 18:06:32 PDT

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    I have been teaching art at a summer enrichment camp for seven years.
    32 students are selected from the state of AR
    all are identified as intellectually gifted and interested in science
    I agree with Jennifer Buerkle on several points

    >I dislike the term "gifted" and have a lot of trouble with IQ tests as a
    total indicator,

    I totally agree. I have to many times said to another teacher in the school
    "this student is great in my class" when they do nothing for another class.
    So their gifts are apparent in another area. I have excellent students from
    self contained classes. I could identify them as gifted. I have also had
    to call parents and conference with other teachers over a student who is
    identified as gifted but not interested in putting any effort into art
    because this is not where they are gifted.

     I believe most of my students identified as gifted are really just
    privelaged to have parents who have provided a rich knowledge environment.
    Nature verses Nurture, nurture wins in my book. I do believe that we are
    born with predispositions and brains that work in different ways but the
    problem with the term "gifted" is that it gives all the credit to nature.
    Another problem is that the IQ test ignores many values that we see surface
    in the art room.

    >The kids catch on fast to what you WANT and they love to >deliver what the
    teacher wants. It's their strong point!

    I have found this true with many gifted students and this is exactly why art
    is more challenging for many. I don't have as many set expectations that
    can be found true. Hence the insecurity for the mathematically gifted who

    > need a lot of reassurance.

    Agree - smiles and reassurance to take a chance and work without a known
    formula which is also true for any student

    >move rather quickly through the curriculum, but have
    > something to do for the early finishers, and something >challenging, like
    brain teasers.

    > Probably the biggest indicator of giftedness I see
    > personally is vocabulary. Major vocabulary.

    I do like that I can give a lot of instruction and they will listen and know
    procedures quickly. In the summer camp, I have learned to pile it on. Give
    them a lot of vocabulary - they love vocabulary:) I like to give all
    students as much vocabulary as I can.

    > However, they are also known to analyze to the nth degree and not come up
    for air.

    I have experienced this where a student is almost frozen with all their
    ideas and I really have to push for them to make a decision and go on. I
    can identify with this in my own art production - so many choices!!



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