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Re: Computers and Art (the value of "Anyone can be an artist")

From: Bill Sechler (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 09:57:21 PDT

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    Art education is to assist our students in becoming knowledgeable citizens capable of making arts and appreciating them in all their varied and wonderful forms their entire lives.

    >>> taylorh 08/01 8:18 AM >>>
    Well, anything that gets thinking that they (or anyone
    else for that matter) "can 'be an artist'" is probably
    a good thing. Not doubt the advent of photography
    opened the door to all sorts of individuals who felt
    otherwise threatened by the rest of the
    hyper-professionalized artworld. Likewise paint in
    tubes---a new development that didn't require any
    particular expertise in solvent and binder chemistry or
    color theory prior to applying paint to canvas..

    So, here's a question. Is Art Education MORE for the
    purpose of educating new audiences and consumers for
    high art and intellectualized aesthetic experience or
    to expand access to the personal experiences and
    societal phenomena that result aesthetic practice and
    making? NOT "either/or" but "TO WHAT DEGREE?" Are there
    better alternatives than the two offered here? How are
    our priorities structured and what do we base this
    decision on?

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    From: Daceballos

    >EJB: What you said about computers today parallels
    what people used to say
    >about photography. All you need is a camera and
    suddenly anyone can be an
    >"artist". All someone had to do was avail themselves
    of the new technology
    >and they could become an artist. We all know that's



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