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appropriating ideas--long post

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 15:29:08 PDT

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    I have enjoyed this thread. I get my ideas for my units by looking at art
    history books and books on various cultures (the Internet will NEVER replace
    my love for art books). It always makes me smile when I see published
    somewhere that someone else has came up with an idea similar to mine. I am
    always flattered when another art teacher likes an idea that I have come up
    with and I enjoy telling other art teachers how I do certain techniques. I
    was greatly offended by a co-worker one year when told I could no longer do
    Andy Warhol because that was "her lesson"...The whole conversation makes me
    laugh now. BTW, this teacher did Andy Warhol with 4 photocopies of student
    drawings which were colored with colored pencils. I did Andy Warhol using
    reduction linoleum prints of portraits of American people. Students printed
    four different combinations of colors and we displayed them all together
    into one mat. So you see...neither one of us really did "Andy Warhol"......I
    have done Andy Warhol with different lessons, too....but only with high
    school did I actually use screen printing.

    I really saw how nearly impossible it would be to come up with a totally
    original idea when I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair over a week ago...Just
    about any type of media you could possibly imagine was presented in just
    about any method possible. It was such a great experience. I stopped to talk
    to artists whose work I admired and asked how they did certain things
    (Things I felt I could do with "middlers"). I did not find one artist who
    didn't want to share their secrets with me. I even took digital pictures of
    many artists' works. They were flattered....Of course it helped when they
    knew it would be 6th, 7th and 8th graders who I would be teaching...No
    danger of seeing "copy cat" work next to them in future art shows. I have
    had great success with David Stabley-like finishes ever since I talked to
    him back in 1994 (I use oil pastels with the kids instead of oil paint
    sticks, though)

    Oh...Hello to any other art teachers who may have been at Ann Arbor, too, on

    Kitchen update: Almost done! It was going to cost too much to hire someone
    else to do we took a little break from it (My husband and I were
    both taking grad classes)...On the plus side---I didn't have to cook--still
    eating out most nights. My husband and I finished the floor today (oak
    hardwood). It is gorgeous! We both really like the new wall paper, too.



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