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Lesson Plans

what is art education for....A, B, C?

From: lia (johns392)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 08:37:15 PDT

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    the question was..........(I believe it came from Henry?)

    So, here's a question. (A) Is Art Education MORE for the
    purpose of educating new audiences and consumers for
    high art and intellectualized aesthetic experience or (B)
    to expand access to the personal experiences and
    societal phenomena that result aesthetic practice and
    making? NOT "either/or" but "TO WHAT DEGREE?" Are there
    better alternatives than the two offered here? How are
    our priorities structured and what do we base this
    decision on?

    Ok... Begin with the fact that art education is for both of these purposes
    and in my opinion for neither..... that would be a YES to "the other
    alternatives" idea. (C)

    Lots of things about learning here....mostly I view the way we make sense
    of things in the arts to be the key factor about why I teach it. We make
    sense of things visually.....and by an eclectic collection of mental
    processes that may or may not be used/taught in other disciplines. The
    visual part is mostly our realm...the mental process can be taught in most
    other is one way or vehicle. Art is a way to communicate
    or reflect.....a way to make sense of the world......that is the MAIN
    purpose for my teaching it. Humans should have a working understanding so
    they can participate in those is part of being educated.

    How "successful" you are at the actual representation of your "sense
    making" may vary.... we can all learn some of the ways to do
    things.....and we can practice...but we aren't all equally as
    successful......and I am not sure if it matters......if you get the
    process......the visual making sense language. If you actually experience
    this.......this way of understanding the world an authentic
    manner (that is key) ......then.... "new art and aesthetic
    experiences" become part of the whole and you become an appreciator of
    this aspect humaness. (sorry....I left off the word "high" and
    ...."intellectualizing" aesthetic experience is only one way....and not my
    favorite..... I think to experience the aesthetic realm.) As someone who may or may not become a consumer. You have the capacity
    to "get it."

    AND..... If you want to..........if you are inclined to then
    (after having quality and authentic art in schools....yes it is somewhat
    idealistic) also have a framework and some working knowledge and
    experiences with real and conceptual fall on when making
    visual sense... as practice. You can make art. Everyone
    should be able to do this if they choose to. You can make art for the joy
    of it.....along with a host of other possible reasons. should you choose to
    do so.

    So in a sense these aspects A & B are outcomes of why we teach art C. The
    degree for 100% for C.....

    I am almost certain I am no longer making sense...... I am not especially
    linear in how I see things....and even less so in how I communicate
    them.......guess I'll throw it in the pot ......... lia


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