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re:Art topics and " facetious"

From: Mrsbeeswax
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 06:45:21 PDT

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    Hello All,

    I couldn't resist, the spelling of this was driving me crazy.
    facetious - joking or trying to be jocular
     and on that note how about these...(but in my case it's sarcasm)

            1) The institution of the MacGyver curriculum:
                This exists where they cut your budget and expect you to create
    a whole years worth of creative Art out of a few paper clips and a box of
            2) "Classus Interruptus"
                This is when you are really on a roll and have the kids paying
    close attention and actually getting the concept that you are explaining
    The door opens and two kids stroll in and say "Mrs. Farquar wants some
    brushes and some Red and Green paint and oh yeah, some silver glitter"
    Occurring often until the Art teacher finally refuses, or runs screaming from
    the building.
            3) " Cabinetus Raidus"
                The one day you are home sick, there is no substitute for you,
    and your supplies mysteriously vanish from your room. My cure for this was a
    healthy dose of "Masterus Lockus"
            4) The never-leaving ghost of projects done "Before you came here"
    (this must be said with a sneer"
                It usually revolves around the fact that no one has gotten the
    clue that the Art curriculum is actually supposed to revolve around the Art
    History timeline, not the next holiday that comes up on the calendar. "but
    the old Art teacher always used to do the cutest ..."

    OK, now I've vented, can I hear some more so that I don't feel this cleansed
    by myself. Enjoy, Christine :)


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