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Lesson Plans


From: Patricia Knott (pknott)
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 11:56:56 PDT

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    > Hummmm. I can think of a few MORE important issues like.....
    > *how to get rid of an unwanted faculty member who's driving you nuts
    > *how to get rid of an unwanted student who's driving you more than nuts

    I think Bunki's suggestions were said only half in jest. Don't we all
    consider what she said -- except for PMS, no man will EVER understand.

    As to getting rid of students driving you nuts... well, if you are public
    school you just can't. When I get into heated arguments with my lawyer and
    doctor friends who complain about how "easy" we teachers have it for the
    money we make, I always offer this insight;
    You, the doctor, the lawyer, can "fire' your client. If you don't like the
    person you are dealing with you can just tell him/her to find someone else.
    But I, as a teacher in the public school system, CAN NOT do this. I have to
    put up with it. I can't choose my students.
    AND, we do it. We try to make everything right for every student that
    enters our classroom, and their dysfunctional parents.

    But, as for a faculty member... well I have one. One that makes me more than
    nuts- spoiled, self-centered, non- contributing, and worst of all uses a
    family "influence' to get what she wants. I spend more time than I want to
    consider covering for her and documenting my actions lest her "influence"
    should come back to me. It is totally non-productive time for me.
    I am a member of the NEA and am actively involved with association issues
    regarding teacher performance. I do not support merit pay , but I think we
    have to start considering how much we protect ineffective teachers. We have
    many safeguards and action plans for teachers with unsatisfactory ratings
    but it seems "they' still remain. Tenure

    In all seriousness, I would be interested in a discussion in how to deal
    with teachers that "seem" to be just getting by. (And, I say "seem" because
    none of us ever know the whole story.) But, when a teacher is loosing
    enrollment and when there are constant student complaints, should there not
    be some course of action? (Keep in mind, I am talking about high school
    where my program is dependent on enrollment.)

    I truly believe that "an education for all" is one of the greatest benefits
    our system offers. Last night, I turned in to the Republican Convention and
    the speaker was to be a a mother addressing the issue of school choice. I
    couldn't watch it. In my head I knew it was going to some kind of
    denigration of what we struggle with day to day - without the support we
    should be afforded.

    Back to Bunki's feciousness. How do you get rid of a faculty member driving
    you nuts???

    All of us that participate in this list are looking for ways to become
    better. Better teachers, better facilitators, better "inspirers."
    So how do we get rid of those that are not doing the job?


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