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Lesson Plans

Re: need your cooperation in a study of art education

From: henry taylor (taylorh)
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 08:48:22 PDT

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    Might as well add my two cents, eh?


      1.. In your opinion, what are the operational,
    emotional, cognitive and meta-cognitive abilities
    required, in order to understand plastic art?

    The sensory-based ability to distinguish/perceive
    DIFFERENCE and attribute preference. The cognitive
    ability to JUSTIFY preferences
    The ability to function Meta-cognitively is useful but
    not requsite.

      2.. Which abilities, in your opinion, are essential
    and without them one cannot understand nor experience a
    piece of art?

    The ability to perceive PERIOD. If one cannot see,
    touch, hear, smell, or taste, cognitive functions have
    NOTHING to operate on. Like a computer with no input
    devices (keyboard mouse etc.) or data stored in
    memory--lots of potential but otherwise nothing more
    than a doorstop.

    A need to express something aesthetically; that is to
    say to get beyond simple mechanical or directly
    objective utility--a need to get beyond the "object"
    and the "word".

      3.. Can we identify a sequence through which these
    abilities should be learned. What are the
    considerations for that - age of student, the
    educational framework or other considerations?

    It would be nice to think so, but I believe that this
    is one place where Art diverges from Science. If there
    is such a model I suspect that it will look more like
    Piaget's developmental model---more of yardstick that a
    remedial process to be enforced. Nothng prevent us,
    however, from establishing sequences by academic fiat
    and well meant intentions.



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