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Re: Shooting in Colorado

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Ann Carolan (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:10:50 +0000

Dear Mary Ann,
We can't blame the parents entirely. They may take some responsibility
but how do we explain nice parents with bad children. I know lots of
them. Doesn't the culture also have a large responsibility? It DOES take
a whole village to raise a child. Personally I blame the ACLU, who has
handcuffed us all in disciplining children and permitted the
proliferation of violence and pron throughout our communications, the
movement to remove values education such as the Bible, (or any other
religious book that teaches our children morals and ethics) and the
banning of school prayer to name a few. They all point to a permissive
society that is self-destructing in my point of view. I like the school
voucher idea because it permits choice. And it would be hard to offer
just one point of view say Christianity in public schools today)
Through vouchers, we would have religious freedom of choice about where
to send our children. I want children to have guidelines. Today's family
has little time with their children compared to the time spent in
school. I don't like that fact but that's is the way it is. Schools are
one of the greatest influences on our children today.

ann c