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Re: Shooting in Colorado

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Ann Carolan (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:42:48 -0400

Dear Mary Ann,
It is true that prohibition against drugs has not stopped the use of
drugs, however, it does give us a tool to help our young people get out
of spiraling addiction. As a counselor, I am grateful that we can apply
pressure to get addicted young people into treatment programs. I am
involved in a group called "Toughlove" who would agree with me
wholeheartedly. Once young people our in a spiral of negativity,
intervention may be the only way out. For older people, it may be

What, then, do you think is the issue? In England, crime with guns is
very low. They do not allow people to buy guns like we do. Crime exists
but not the kind of crime that makes Detroit the murder capital of the
world. Not the kind that results in multiple, multiple murders with semi
automatic weapons. I have friends in England who have told me that
serial killers are rare there whereas we have so many. They can't
understand that.

I do believe it is a bit hypocritical of us to be bombing civilians in
Serbia and at the same moment President Clinton is pushing for gun
control. He needs some lessons in logic. I believe his morality is based
on situation ethics which is basically flawed. I could go into that if
you'd like more information on logic. Plato and Aristotle, Thomas
Aquinas, etc. do a nice job with that. Too bad we don't teach that
subject (philosophy) to kids anymore. I had it all through High School.

ann c