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Thu, 29 Apr 1999 22:18:25 EDT

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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 22:13:32 EDT
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In a message dated 99-04-29 20:48:18 EDT, lazydog writes:

<< Miracle worker skiart- Do you have a family? How do you fit your life in?
Dear Lazydog,
I have 2 kids, ages 19 and 22, who don't live at home. My husband used to be
a male chauvenist, now he is Mr mom. He doesn't mind that I'm gone a lot, he
likes to read, relax and nap. I played tennis for years, after I quit my
first job when I had kids. He was so thrilled when I went back to work 3 yrs
ago, that he began to do groceries, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the
kid's affairs when it had to be done during the week.
He knows I am compulsive, and I have to do a good job at whatever I take on.
I used to be a tennis fanatic. I still play tennis a couple times a week.
I think because it's my first year in this position, I put in lots of time.
Next year I should be able to put in fewer hours.
Get this, I spend a lot of my time at home on the computer and looking
through my art mags. He just kids me, I go from one room to another and work
on art related things. I'm hooked on the art email. Skiart