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Tense times

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Thu, 29 Apr 1999 22:01:02 -0500

I lurk a lot on this list and usually do not take part in the discussions
but this chain of events starting in Co. has really gotten to me. Our
administration did not address the shootings at all except for a moment of
silence the day after. My students in video class decided to do a special
report on the shootings and school safety. They did an excellent job and
gathered interviews from a variety of sources however we may not show the
episode.....there has been a snow ball of threats, letters of hate and bomb
threats. I have to tell my students tomorrow we will not air the show at
least for now.....there is too much tension in the air. Is there a
solution to all this.....I have no clue. It makes me scared to think how a
sad event like Littleton can spark this outburst of hatred and cries for
help by students. Where are we missing the mark?? We as teachers
aren't......the home is .. because in many ways it does not exist anymore.
The true nuturing environment the media sugar coated us about ten years ago
is gone. The are no June Cleavers or Mrs. Cunninghams or Fred MacMurrays.
How do you be super Mom or Dad and be able to support a family? There are
too many inputs effecting the kids today, they are on sensory overload and
we don't have the time we need to give. I feel the problem is like a line
of dominoes...and last week we pushed the first in the line.